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Dream Destination

Dream Destination

Elegant and comfortable, Lagoon catamarans are designed to cross oceans and reach your dream destinations.

Welcome to Lagoon Catamarans, where your oceanic dreams set sail. In the heart of Greece, we proudly represent Lagoon, crafting journeys that echo the rhythm of the Aegean. As an official dealer and trusted partner of Lagoon Catamarans since 2001, Athenian Yachts brings you catamarans that embody the essence of maritime excellence. With Lagoon, sailing becomes an art, a fusion of elegance and exhilaration.

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Why Choose Lagoon?

Discover the epitome of maritime luxury. Lagoon Catamarans, part of the esteemed Groupe Beneteau, embodies a legacy of exceptional craftsmanship. Each vessel is meticulously designed for elegance and engineered for the open seas.

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At Athenian Yachts, we believe in tailored experiences. Our ownership programs redefine sailing, offering personalized solutions for your nautical aspirations. Whether you seek private adventures or chartering opportunities, our programs transform dreams into maritime realities.

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Join Our Lagoon Catamarans Fleet

Embark on a voyage of luxury and exploration with our exclusive fleet of Lagoon Catamarans. Each catamaran in our collection is meticulously chosen and expertly maintained, offering a unique maritime experience. As a part of our esteemed fleet, you’re not just a sailor; you’re a cherished member of a seafaring tradition. Join us on the water, and let the Aegean become your playground, where every wave tells a story and every sunset marks a new adventure.

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Lagoon Catamarans highlights

Lagoon Seventy 7

Athenian Yachts-Lagoon Seventy 7
Catamaran 16 Guests 6 Cabins

Lagoon Sixty 7

Athenian Yachts-Lagoon Sixty 7
Catamaran 12 Guests 6 Cabins

Lagoon 55

Athenian Yachts-Lagoon 55
Catamaran 16 Guests 6 Cabins

Lagoon 51

Athenian Yachts-Lagoon 51
Catamaran 14 Guests 6 Cabins

The official Lagoon Catamarans Dealer in Greece since 2001

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