Athenian Yachts at the Annapolis Boat Show 2023

19 Oct, 2023

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Athenian Yachts-Athenian Yachts at the Annapolis Boat Show 2023


This annual celebration of sailing features floating docks lined with sailboats from manufacturers around the world. Multihulls, monohulls, cruisers, racers, sailing dinghies and more.

Jeanneau Takes Center Stage

Athenian Yachts proudly showcased the epitome of maritime elegance with Jeanneau, a name synonymous with sophistication. As the exclusive Jeanneau Dealer in Greece, we unveiled the artistry and allure of these luxurious vessels, drawing enthusiasts into the world of refined yachting. From smooth sailing to unparalleled luxury, our display embodied the essence of high-end yachting.

Embracing Innovation: Bali, Lagoon, and Excess on Full Display

Athenian Yachts stood as the trusted gateway to innovation, representing Bali, Lagoon, and Excess Catamarans – pioneers of yachting design and technology. Our visitors explored the cutting-edge designs and superior quality, witnessing the future of yachting firsthand. As official dealers in Greece, we demonstrated our commitment to delivering top-tier vessels, ensuring each journey is marked with innovation and excellence.

Nurturing Dreams: Premium Ownership Programs Tailored for You

At Athenian Yachts, we don’t just sell yachts; we craft dreams. Our premium yacht ownership programs, carefully curated for every adventurer, took center stage. From Jeanneau’s elegance to Bali’s innovation, we offered pathways to ownership, blending freedom and expert management seamlessly. Our team engaged with visitors, guiding them toward a future where yachting dreams become exhilarating realities. Explore our premium programs, sail into a world of possibilities, and let your yachting adventure begin with Athenian Yachts.

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