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3 to 6
3 to 6

The Excess 15 has been designed for all those who dream of a cruising catamaran offering proper sailing sensations. You’ll really enjoy the feelings you get aboard this catamaran. Its very bright, contemporary interior is open to the outside, and its new generation rig promises great adventures and that feeling of pleasure of being at sea.


  • Length Overall 14.84 m / 48’7”
  • Length 14.76 m / 46’11”
  • Beam 8.03 m / 26’4
  • Draft 1.40 m / 4’7’’
  • Water Capacity 2 x 240l
  • Fuel Capacity 2 x 520l
  • Cabins 3 to 6
  • Engine 2 x 57hp | 2 x 80hp


Discover the Excess 15, a true titan at 125 m² with a soaring mast reaching 25 meters. As the largest in our fleet, it redefines grandeur. Twin helm stations situated at each hull's rear amplify the sailing pleasure. Immerse yourself in the vast raised saloon/dining area, encased in non-smoked bay windows, offering a 360° sea view. Choose from three, four, or six double cabins, embracing the catamaran's 8-meter beam for a spacious cockpit hosting eight around a charming table. The Excess 15 unites unique design with the comfort of a grand cruising catamaran.

the epitome of maritime splendor

Step into a world of maritime grandeur with the Excess 15. Its expansive 125 m² expanse and towering 25-meter mast establish it as the pinnacle of our fleet. Experience enhanced sailing pleasure with twin helm stations at the aft of each hull. Inside, a vast raised saloon/dining area adorned with panoramic non-smoked bay windows offers an uninterrupted 360° sea panorama. Opt for a three, four, or six double cabin configuration, embracing the 8-meter beam's ample space for an inviting eight-seater cockpit. Experience maritime splendor and the spirit of Excess in perfect equilibrium.

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